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et me tourne vers mon esprit 




Je pose la tasse is a branding and copywriting consultancy headed by Natasha Naayem. Drawn to innovative companies facing unique challenges, we translate business identity & objectives into creative storytelling, and define a brand’s vision & messaging across key touchpoints.



“Je pose la tase et me tourne vers mon esprit.” 

—Proust, Swann’s Way



The entire universe of Proust’s novel is poised on this pivotal sentence. 

It appears in the famous passage in which his narrator, experiencing immense pleasure while eating a madeleine, searches for meaning behind the sensation. The object evokes experience but meaning, he quickly gleans, comes from elsewhere—from within. 

Creativity is accessed in the liminal space between the tangible world and the emotional one. This is where we go to define and communicate the cultural resonance behind every brand and product, tethering ourselves to fundamental questions: 

Where does this resonance come from? What does it mean? How do we relate to it?

The rest is research and deep listening. 

Our services:

Brand Strategy 
-  positioning 
-  core value definition
-  mission, vision, proposition definition 

Brand Identity
-  naming
-  tone of voice
-  look & feel

Brand Messaging 
-  tagline & strapline development
-  website content creation
-  external & internal communication materials 


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