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patricia schmidt

website content creation


b2b/c presentation decks


Clear & radiant messaging.

When Patricia Schmidt launched her eponymous sleepwear line, she wanted to forefront the care and conscientiousness that goes into creating her products. 

Her brand is squarely on the other side of fast fashion. 

She works with organisations that safeguard unique handcrafts in India and the women keeping these traditions alive.

She uses a “vegan” silk, known as the fabric of peace. 

Her strapline was: Unique Handcrafted Happiness. That needed to change.

The strapline:

The story:

B2b presentation deck

P.S.’ best-selling item is the dream mask, which the designer can tailor for bespoke commissions.


For her b2b presentation desk, we created narratives for even the most unlikely collaborations.   

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