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Disrupting the functional beverage market.

We were presented with an entrepreneur’s ambitious desire to enter the functional beverage market with a new, premium product. 

A cousin to kombucha, water kefir & apple cider vinegar, this new beverage is a fermented drink that can live on the dining table (and replace a glass of wine), not just on the shelves of your specialized health food store. 

Rooted in tradition––the fermented rice base is a Korean family recipe passed down over generations––but with modern flavour profiles (all vegan and natural), this product needed a unique identity––and a name.  

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Hitting the right notes.

Working at point of inception to develop brand identity, two tenets came to light that distinguished this beverage from other health drinks: craftsmanship and creativity. 

Artizn was born. 

The name pays homage to the artisanal know-how that went into its creation: the traditional Korean recipe of the rice base, and the development of the sophisticated flavour profiles.

The last syllable and its spelling is a
nod to both the beverage’s health benefits and the lifestyle the company promotes. By regulating gut health, Artizn helps balance both mind and body. 

Artizn is a brand that rejects mindless consumption; it is to be consumed with intention, as part of a daily ritual.  

The story:

The tagline:

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The product:

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