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carbon calories

brand strategy

brand identity (tone of voice + look & feel)

brand messaging (strapline, website, newsletters, campaigns)

pitch deck 

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Presenting a complex solution to a pressing social mission.

More than a company, Carbon Calories is, at its core, a response to one of the greatest threats currently facing all living species: climate change, accelerated by our current global carbon emissions levels. Carbon Calories' goal was to tackle the carbon emissions problem through a bottom-up approach. They wanted to change consumer behaviour by introducing Carbon Statements to market: labels that report the carbon footprint of consumer products. 

From an operational point of view, Carbon Calories is a b2b2c. Yet, while conducting our briefing sessions, it became clear that Carbon Calories needed to be positioned as consumer-facing. With different channels for community involvement (such as their open-source wiki engine to consolidate data on carbon emissions—we called it WikiCarbon, and its contributors Carbon Calories' "collective brain trust"—and a strong belief that citizens should have a right to the knowledge Carbon Calories aims to communicate, Carbon Calories needed a 360° identity that both consumers and companies could get behind. 

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The product:

The content: a resource for individual empowerment 

We created the Carbon Compendium—a resource that allows visitors to learn more about Carbon Calories' mission, and that can grow to position Carbon Calories as the go-to platform for trustworthy and comprehensible carbon knowledge. 

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